Monday, 9 September 2013

Skiweb - How we started

Do you love skiing but hate carrying skis & poles? That's why we invented Skiweb Ski Carrier!

For years we used to love our ski holidays but always got stressed about carrying our skis. Even the shortest walk to the lift was a pain, we just hated having to walk in ski boots and carry heavy skis.

To ease the hassle we used to hire a sledge not just for fun but to carry everything back to the hotel. 6 skis, 6 ski poles and 3 pairs of boots that's alot of stuff when you also have a toddler in tow! We did use it as a sledge as well and had a lot of fun on it but it was also handy to carry everything.

When skiing as a family you need to be organised. So after a trip to Villars and a long week of carrying our skis back and forth to the ski lifts, we came up with the idea of Skiweb on a small piece of paper on the flight back home. 

We quickly made a sample and realised how good it actually was. Our friends started to try it out and were amazed at how light the skis felt.They all wanted one!  Within a year we had produced the product, designed the packing and launched at the Geneva Inventions Show. Leaving with Award for it's innovative design,  we knew we had a winning product. The same year  Skiweb was featured in the Good Gear Guide, Skiweb was now The Ski Carrier to have.

There are many ski gadgets around and some come and go quickly. Skiweb ski carrier has proven to be one of the best carriers around and has been sold worldwide for over eight years. Skiweb is now stocked in many stores stretching from Wales to Japan. It is an essential part of ski equipment; carry it with you in your pocket and use at any time. It will save any hassle and discomfort of carrying skis and poles and once used you won’t be able to ski without it. You will wonder why you have struggled for so long!  


Skiweb is an award winning design with no buckles and a unique fold back system

Innovative Vertical Carrying

Vertical carrying makes your equipment feel lighter because the weight of the skis is distributed down your body not across your shoulder.    


When using Skiweb you carry your skis over your shoulder leaving your hands free, making it easier to walk on ice and snow plus it’s a breeze to get up and down stairs which off tem lead to the ski lifts.  There are no protruding skis at the front or back of you to worry about.  Your skis are streamlined with your body.  


Skiweb can carry up to 40 kilos of equipment and fit’s most styles of skis

Easy To Use

Wrap Strap & Go! It’s that easy. With a connection at the top and bottom of the bindings the skis and poles become one unit.

Ski Protection & Identification

Prevents the possibility of dropping your skis which can cause damaged to the edges and makes it easy to spot your skis in the rack


Skiweb Ski Carrier folds back to its original size to carry in your pocket until you need it again 

Suitable for All Ages

One size, over shoulder strap in many colours

The Perfect Gift

Skiweb is a great gift for any skier old or young they will love it

We have had a great time building the business, meeting new people, traveling, getting to grips with new systems and learning lot's on the way. It's great to see The Skiweb brand expand from just the Ski Carrier to other lines.  

If you have a new product idea go for it before someone else does!

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