Friday, 1 August 2014

Got U - New Kids sports support harness

Got U - Keeping little ones safe when learning
a new activity

When your little one wants to learn a new activity you want to be sure they are safe but you also need them to feel confident. Using a harness like Got"U" makes learning easy and safe.

The harness gives them support when learning but without the full hand on experience. Kids feel independent but parents feel in control. It's a perfect combination. 
Got "U" is great to support children when they are learning to ride a bike, swim, horse ride, snowboard, skate, ice skate or ski. 

Got "U" comes with a long leash to use when learning to ski. Parents can keep control of the speed and control the child down the slopes. They feel independent but the parent knows they are safe. Perfect for the first few days on the slopes. They rear grip handle also helps to get them on and off the chair lifts and pick them up if they have a tumble! 
Some Children lack confidence and can get tearful when learning something new, using the Got"U" harness lets them know you are there  to support and encourage them all the way, but without hindering them. Confidence is the key to learning. 

Our tip, don't push them to quickly let them learn and enjoy the moment.
Got"U" sports harness has adjustable straps and fits Age 2 - 8. It also has a handy little pouch for those little things they may want to take out with them, a feel treats, tissues, sunscreen etc.
It's the harness that brings you and your child together to learn with fun, while staying safe.

Tips for learning

Keep them warm
Keep them dry
If it's hot wear a hat and sunscreen
Take your time
Encourage them
Start with the basics
Take breaks
Don't compare them to others. we are learn at different rates
Make it fun
Introduce a game
Set a training route to follow
Give them a challenge at the end of each session
Award them for their efforts

All basic stuff, the most important have fun enjoy the moment with your child.



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