Monday, 2 November 2015

What do skiers hate?

Skiers do love to ski but there are a few things we also like to rant about! Every year I go skiing and every year I have a rant. Why do I still go simple because I love it! 

Ski Boots 

Why do they have to feel like you are locked into a pressure box? You can hear the cry's of delight when skiers take them off. My friend says the best part of the day is taking them off! 
On a ski trip in Whistler I hired a pair of boots and they were so comfortable I bought them. I didn't care they had a few marks and had been worn for the first time in years, even compared to using my own boots I had a pain free week of fantastic skiing. Thank you Fairmout Chateau

Beautiful mountain locations to eat and drink but why are the toilets always down stairs?  

You have had a amazing lunch and now it's time to head back out, just a quick trip to the toilet but it's never a quick trip. As a skier I know all to well the joy of trying to get down stairs in ski boots. It's a master class and even worse on wet stairs. Does anyone know of a place that has toilets on the same floor I have yet to find one.

Carrying Skis & Poles

Over ten years back my husband used to have to carry three full sets of skis and poles until he came up with Skiweb Ski Carrier. Now I don't mind how far we are away from the slopes, I don't moan anymore! 

If you are lucky and get "ski to door"  then your days start and end on a high. However a small walk to the slopes each morning and back again in the evening in ski boots, carrying skis and poles can be a nightmare, and if you have small children you will be also be carrying theirs! 

Our solution is Skiweb ski carrier, it straps up the skis and poles so you pop them over your shoulder like a shoulder bag and the kids can carry their own. Vertical skiing is so much more practical, no protruding skis behind you and the weight goes down the body and not across, making the skis feel much lighter. 

There are many carriers out there but check, they fold up to carry when on the slopes, the don't have lots of adjustments and they don't have any sharp pieces that could hurt you if you have a fall. Check out Ski Carriers reviews to find the one for you.  

Skiers using the wrong slopes

You have seen them, first we have the speed devils who rush passed at 70mph on a blue run and then we have the learners on the red runs snow ploughing all the way down. Wow that must give them leg ace!
Skiers try and get on the runs that suit your skill and be aware of others around you. We all want to have a good time. 

Snowboarders, they look so cool but they drive me crazy!

Need I say more the battle goes on. But why do they still have to lay around the slopes in groups?  There are bars to meet in you don't see any skiers having a chill and chat mid slope! I can hear that noise now the rumble coming from behind that tells you look out a snowboarder is going to fly past any minute. Please guys slow down. 

Rant over.... Can't wait to get on the slopes soon! 

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